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Massage therapy 101

There are still people who think, a massage treatment center is only for people with bad backs, necks or recovering from serious injuries.Well, let me try to broaden your horizons.

Massage therapy is the practice of massage by accredited professionals to achieve positive health and well-being in their clients. A good massage can improve and affect your psychological and physical being.

Like most people you have had a hard day at work, school or you have been running around all day trying to get things done. You neck is stiff, your back is aching, and you have a pounding head ache. You can take all of those drugs you have in your medicine cabinet or you can go to the Beach Health and Healing Center. Where you will receive a body and mind relaxing treatment your body deserves.


Relaxtion, healing, and treatment

Our massage is more than just taking away the pressures or stress of your daily life, it based on a variety of proven forms of healing massages in which the hands are used to apply pressure at acupuncture points on the body in order to stimulate and redistribute your energy, loosen the muscle tissues and allow your blood to flow more freely.

A good message can help you recover from strained hamstrings or back muscles, in half the time. It can also help you get a good nights sleep, loosen your joints, help your digestive system and improve your over all mood and health.


Orange County

First things first, I was overtly happy receiving their services. After so many days spent in absolutely a no man's place, this the only thing that could give me back my senses. So, when I heard of this place through a friend, there was no looking back. I booked my appointment instantly and trust me the eagerness and attentiveness that these people showed was commendable.


What will you get?

Orange County
Now imagine this

ou lie on the table under fresh, clean, crisp sheet and quiet, soft relaxing music playing in

the background. The light smell of sage scent fills the air. As you lie there on your stomach, your arms relaxed next to you body and you begin to feel relaxed. Next, your therapist gently begins massaging your shoulder area with warmed oil. Your overstressed muscles begin to fade away with each touch or rub of your therapist's hands. You slowly start to feel your muscles start to loosen under the perfect amount of pressure of your therapist's hands. Once it gets underway, your problems and stress begin to fade into oblivion, 45 minutes of relief and pour relaxation and you don't want to it end.


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